My Newest Addiction

Back in April I tried something new…painting! I wouldn’t say it’s 100% new. I’ve dabbled in water colours and I’ve painted walls, but I never really experienced the thrill that was painting with acrylics! Just from this one evening, and maybe a little of the wine talking, I was IMG_0464hooked on painting! Well….hooked on the idea at least.

See, for months I found LOTS of excuses as to why I couldn’t start painting on my own. Supplies were too expensive. I didn’t know what I was doing. There were other artists out there better than me, what was the point. No matter what I came up with, bottom line, they were all excuses!!

This past month I took a quick trip to Burlington, VT., to visit with friends who had recently moved. During some down time on my trip, my friend suggested we paint a little while we waited for other friends to arrive.IMG_2374 We took out the paints and a few canvases and got our paint on! I was in a really quiet emotional space, so I just let my mind go blank and feel where the brush wanted to go. This is the result, and I have to say, I am really happy with it!! I couldn’t take it home with me on the plane, but my friend is mailing it to me! I can’t wait to see it hanging in the house!!

The weekend that I got back from my trip to Connecticut, I made a pact. After I caught up with that weeks work (another excuse?) I was going to march my butt to the craft store and get myself some painting supplies! This was an outlet that needed to be explored and expressed!! I am happy to report that I 100%, 10407965_10205180413862614_2409133529389238798_ncompletely, followed through with my plan!! I bought a pack of brushes, several different colours of paint and a few 5 x 7 canvas panels.

Again, without having any idea what I was going to paint, I let my mind wander. I played with the background colours and then finally drew a big red circle. “What are you going to do with that?” my husband had asked me. I was excited to see what would come forward. I was pleasantly surprised when a little Colorado pride popped up on the canvas! Now to find it a home on my walls!!

Over the weekend I browsed my local thrift store for some canvases I can up-cycle and scored 2 16×20 11046298_10205201626472916_6291592032504077498_ncanvas panels! Boy oh boy was I excited!!! The next night I went straight to work, looking forward to seeing what my imagination would conjure up this time. I feel like this painting has a somewhat mystical approach to it, and that might have been partly to do with the fact that I was watching Merlin while I was painting. P.S. if you haven’t watched that show, but are into fairy tales and/or Once Upon a Time, I highly suggest checking it out!! So much fun!!! I really really like how this painting came out, especially the moon. It was exactly how I saw it in my head. Planning on hanging this one over my bed. I just feel like I’m going to have the best dreams with it’s energy.

Is there something that you have been wanting to do, but keep putting off or coming up with excuses? You never know what you are able to create until you try. Feel free to share your story in the comments below. Let’s uplift and support each other to create magical and miraculous things!!

♥ xo


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