To Be Real



To Be Real

So many questions,

my emotions are scattered.

Trying to reason,

but my heart won’t let go.

• • •

Your soul shines bright,

like 1,000 suns blazing,

and I hear it calling to the seeds of our love:

Grow with me, welcome home.”

• • •

In the “real world” it’s been days

since I last told you, I love you.

For me it has felt like eternity.

• • •

If I had the courage,

I would tell you every morning, every sunset.

The authentic expression of our love

would shake the walls around your soul.

• • •

I still smell you, faint on my memory.

Your warm embrace, tangled and woven into my heart.

The essence of who we are together,

dances beneath my ribs,

singing our love to the ages.

©Nicole Page

♥ xo



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