Community starts at home

I love hosting community events at our home! We have at least 2 every month and they are all different with different people and always lots of fun! I wanted to create a safe atmosphere for other to get together without having the need to go out or spend money. Most of our events are pot luck and everyone contributes, which ensure that everyone is having the most fun possible!!! Here are some of the events that I host at our humble abode:

  • Game Night! – You guessed it! The focus is games of all shapes and sizes! Board games, card games, Wii games. Whatever floats our boats! It’s games until the cows come home!! 🙂
  • Brunch and House Concert series! – We just kicked this one off a few weeks ago and it was a smash! Everyone that came brought a brunch dish to share and we had a nice little breakfast together before we broke out the instruments. The weather was nice and warm, so we got to jam outside which was a real treat!
  • Clothing Swap! – This is an annual event that we host every year. It’s so much fun to clean out your closet and then get together with friends and swap away! We usually walk away with several sweet outfits and everything else leftover is donated.
  • Bake & Take! – This past December my friend Rachael and I hosted the 1st Bake and Take and let me tell you – we had such a good time! Several ladies got together for a full day of baking and cookie decorating and we each went home with several dozen cookies for the holidays. What a great day!

events collageSome other events that we have hosted* or are thinking about hosting in the coming year:

  • Seed Swap! – Bring your seeds and plan your gardens and swap seeds with friends!
  • Essential Oils Class!* – 101 on Essential Oils and uses for daily living and wellness!
  • Community Dinner! – Potluck dinner, for the sharing of merry company and happy memories!
  • World Hoop Day Fire Jam! – More spinning and more fun! Fire performances, fire pit and loves of hula hooping love!

I love being able to bring people together to connect and have fun! These are events I look forward to time and time again. Lots of good people getting together to celebrate life and play! Do you host events at your house? Please feel free to share in the comments below!!

♥ xo


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