Quiet Quiet


Quiet Quiet

It’s time to take a step back

Quiet the mind, ease into the heart

Quiet, quiet – now that’s more like it

It’s hard to hear your souls whisper through the unending static

The greyed and tangled thread of courage, lifeless at my feet.

• • •

I’m standing so far out – it’s awkward and scary.

My love, my words are genuine – but still I feel rejected.

What am I doing wrong? I can only be me! My light, authentic.

So for now, I retreat, to the quiet, quiet.

• • •

It hurts, you know, to be brave and bold.

To speak your truth with open honesty and love.

Rising tall in the face of those unknowing jeers.

Feeling all alone in this quest for truth.

• • •

I’m letting go – for a moment.

I need to, this isn’t fair.

You will find me when you are ready.

And I will be there, arms wide

Open, breathing in the quiet, quiet.

Living in your loving.

©Nicole Page
♥ xo

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