Playtime is just for kiddos……NOT!

What are we going to do? PLAY!

How are we going to do it? AWESOMELY!

Playtime for Adults

There is this widely misleading rumor floating around that playtime is just for kids. Well, I am ready to blow that myth straight out of the water! First let’s take a good long look at what the definition of play even is:

Play /plā/ verb

engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation

rather than a serious or practical purpose.

WHOA!!! For enjoyment and recreation RATHER than serious or practical purpose! BOOM BOOM MAMA!

So often, we step into our “adult” roles with an already prescribed list of things that we “should” be doing. Clean the house, go to work, feed the cat, wash the car, etc. What can so easily fall to the wayside when we get so focused on these tasks is all the fun! Life is not meant to be serious 100% of the time – heck, I’d even go so far as to say it isn’t meant to be taken seriously 50% of the time! Making time for play helps us to smile & feel good, relax, and enjoy all the little things. Life is all what we make of it, the good the bad and the ugly, but don’t all the junky stuff get in the way all the time. Making time for play and fun is easier than you think! Here is a list of my favourite ways to incorporate play into my daily life, without breaking the bank or needing massive amounts of time!

  1. Colouring! Crayons, markers, colouring books and paints are not just for pre-schoolers! In fact, I colour all the time  and even have new coloured pencils are even on my wishlist for Christmas! Colouring is relaxing, visually stimulating and there are no rules or restrictions! Pick your medium, a happy space and colour away! I prefer to colour with a cup of tea and some sweet jams! You can also download really cool colouring pages right from the internet! I personally love mandalas – so this site is my go-to for all things circular! 🙂
  2. Speaking of jams – DANCING!!!! What a super easy, fun and effective way to let loose and shake it all out! If you’ve been following Create Your Sunshine for a while, you know I LOVE to dance! So much so, that I have created a Friday Night ritual all around it – and I invite you to join me!! Click here to find out more about CYS Friday Night Dance Parties!!
  3. Ladies (or Guys) night! Get ready to have a blast! I love getting together with my lady friends for a cup of tea and chatting or crafting or brainstorming or well, pretty much just about anything. We have so much fun and there’s no pressure and we are left with a night of great memories and laughter! I love hosting events at my house, but there are plenty of other cool places to go too! Here in Fort Collins we have Dynamic Ceramix, Pinot’s Palette, The Bean Cycle (a local coffee shop – and has really delicious juices too!) has lots of events happening, including a 1st Friday Poetry Slam! I could go on and on!
  4. Game night – because seriously, who doesn’t love games? I host a pot-luck game night every month at our house. Everyone brings a little snack to share and any games they might want to play. Whatever the group consensus is, we go for. Apple to Apples, Yatzhee, Sorry – but don’t just stop at board games! Wii makes a great game night addition! Disco bowling tournament? Table tennis smack down? Get creative! Over the summer we even invented a game using hula hoops and frisbees!
  5. Tickle fights. I don’t know about you, but my husband and I love us some good old-fashioned tickle fights. Usually it’s just me tickling him, but let’s just say that we both have a good case of the giggles shortly after the tickling begins. I mean heck, anything that involves playfulness and entices laughter is just A-OK in my book! Pillow fight? Rolling down a hill? Sometimes I even like to just shake and wiggle my body in all sorts of directions and have whoever with me join in. Guaranteed to at least break a smile. At least!!


What are some of the ways that you currently  incorporate play into your daily life? How has it positively influenced your life and of those around you? What other ways can you bring daily play into your life right now?

Until next time 🙂

♥ xo

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