I Am


I am intense and fiery.

I make no excuses and I bare no shame.

I am free, I am enigmatic. I am.

• • •

I am as old as the mountains and as young as a new teardrop.

I can taste starlight and moonbeams and dance with the wind.

I am omnipotent, I am wild. I am.

• • •

I am coloured like the rainbow.

I glitter and shine like the summer sun.

I am the vibration of the earth and the song in your soul.

I am ethereal, I am absolute. I am.

• • •

Come to me in your darkest agony.

Come to me in your brightest light.

For I am yours, your cloud and anchor!

I am truth. I am creation. I am love.

©Nicole Page
♥ xo
Picture above taken by Sheryl Ann Photography

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