Ego vs. Love



I’m falling, falling, falling….

but my feet never touch the ground.

Be careful!” they say “Tread lightly!”

My next move mingled with their anguished sound.

• • •

I know in my head and I feel in my heart,

but how do you break the spell?

Stories rooted so deep since the day of our birth,

but so far from the truth, an imprisoning hell.

• • •

I refuse to be seduced by the fears and doubt,

keeping me silent and stale and safe.

Through their eyes I’m falling, straight down in a hole

but why should giving love be a mistake?

• • •

This is how we do it, it’s just the way it is.

The lies I’ve heard through lifetimes.

They bind and twist and shrink our hearts,

as we hide in the shadows, yet fearful of the dark.

• • •

Love is gentle and patient, whole and divine.

Like all of us beautiful souls, love doesn’t come in just one kind.

It grows and expands to all that we are,

so all that we are can fly!

• • •

So how can I deny you? It wouldn’t be fair.

To pretend not to love you so I can fit in?

So the whispers would cease because they don’t understand?

To live in a lie so the majority would win?

• • •

If I allowed that fate, I’ve betrayed myself,

for I can think of no greater loss,

than to shadow your love from another soul,

to save your ego from society’s frost.

©Nicole Page
♥ xo

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