The little things

Phew! These past few weeks I have been busy, busy, busy! So many things to be done and the hours just fly by. How easy it can be to go through the whole day forgetting to eat (oops!) or take a break, or just breathe……..



Right now, I want to take a moment to thank myself and those around me for all the little, beautiful, perfect moments over the past few weeks amid all the chaos.

  • Being able to take a few moments to play in my garden every morning
  • Having the space in the house to pick up my hoop and spin out the stress!
  • Mini snuggle breaks with hubby during particularly long and trying days.
  • Having delicious $2 tacos 5 minutes from the house for days I don’t want to cook (and there have been a few!)
  • For my hubby helping out where he can – last week he even cleaned the whole house!
  • For warm sunny Colorado days and big, bold, blue skies. Even if I don’t always get outside, it sure provides beautiful scenery & happiness.
  • For stolen moments reading before bed
  • For uplifting and positive videos to help bring smiles and motivation to my day
  • Dancing and infectious beats!
  • For my stones, my oracle cards, and my Young Living essential oils
  • For loving and supportive friends
  • For work/play dates and weekend shenanigans
  • For hugs and kisses and laughter (and tears!)
  • For being alive, for experiencing life, for the ability to love.

Sometimes, all it takes to get your through are those tiny moments. Tiny moments that add up in a big BIG way!

What are you grateful for?

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