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August ~ A Month in Pictures

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Girlfriends! So much fun day-tripping to Boulder!



Sunset on the drive home. Colorado, you so purty!! 🙂



Camping. Retreat. Me-time. Peaceful. Love love love!



Meeting a new friend! Check her out!!

Daughter of the Wild – She has such pretty jewelry!!! Love the necklace I got! 🙂


Nahko and Medicine for the People. *Swoon* *Pass-out* *Pinching myself*



Friends coming to stay. Case de la Page. #wecanallfitright? 🙂



Sunflowers….I see you peeking! My favourite! ❤



Incredible coloring book my friend brought over. CAN NOT wait to get mine. ❤

Love the coloring book and journal above? You can score your very own here. I promise you will not be disappointed!!

♥ xo


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