The Stories Through the Trees


The Stories Through the Trees

Into the woods I go again…
Do I already know how this story will end?
I’ll be honest, lately, I’m really not sure.
I’ve been to these woods many times before.


Though it’s scary in ways I can’t even describe.
All the paths that I’ve wandered, I’ve come out alive.
There’s been times that I thought I’ve gone clearly insane,
With my thoughts and my worries all day, pounding my brain.


There, the light through the dark is not easy to find.
My hurt and my tears leave my angry and blind.
Though my heart aches to break free of sorrow and shame,
My fears and my memories leave me tied up in chairs.


But there’s beauty there too, in those dark dusky skies.
A sunbeam from heaven when my head tilts just right.
The woods start to seem much more friendly than mean,
And I find that I’ve wandered farther than I’ve ever been.


Here, love wraps around me like late summer sun.
Time, Life and Spirit; together as one.
Our energies pulse to the beat of my heart,
And I realize what I’ve known – all along – from the start.


Into the woods I go again…
For this is where all my stories begin.
And it matter not if I win or I lose,
It’s the choices I make and the paths that I choose.


Never will I give up on the dream of my soul,
Learning to love ALL of me, as a whole.
And in ever new journey, the farther I roam,
Will always bring me that much closer to home.
©Nicole Page
♥ xo

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