Learning to let go


Every time that Sara Bareilles comes out with a new album I wonder if she is stalking me. Maybe she is my twin, separated at birth, living an identical life. With her latest release, The Blessed Unrest, I wondered if we even dated the same guy. How positively crazy that sounds, there are a million guys out there, yet every song she writes is such a mirror to my life. It kind of leaves me breathless.

I have to say, I have been in love with Sara Bareilles since day 1. I was/am encouraged by her boldness to stand up for what she knew she deserved. I was/am mesmerized by the poetic was she phrased her words and the vivid stories she painted, but mostly because she fucking got it. Feelings aren’t meant to be stuffed down and drowned in our stomach acid. Up and out, I always say! Up and out is the best way!

She’s poured her heart and soul out in every song she’s written. I can feel the emotions she is going through when I listen to her songs and I can totally relate them back to my own. Anyone who has ever heard Gravity knows exactly what I am talking about! It’s not just in the studio either. She is electric on stage. I saw her with a friend in Manhattan a few years back and I promise you when I say that I watched her the whole time. She’s funny, she’s sassy and she has charisma out the wa-zoo. She is truly one of my musical role models.

OK, digression tamed. Did I mention that I LOVE her? Now, throughout her albums it seemed there was a trend…..with the same guy……for me. On Little Voice there was Between the lines. I would listen to that song over and over again, always feeling like there was some sort of hidden message I was supposed to be listening for. As it turns out, the guy that I happened to be dating at the time was cheating on me….for about a year. Appreciate the heads up Sara! Then on Kaleidoscope Heart there was Bluebird. Gather your strength and rise up. Move on. Be strong. Then there is her latest album….and Manhattan. I listed to that song 1000 times. I was almost convinced it was about the same guy. What else could possibly explain the strong and vivid connection I had to the story she sang? While it probably isn’t about the same guy, the song is still extremely close to my heart. It’s a beautiful way of closure that I couldn’t have written any better myself.

This song has such a beautiful meaning, even if you don’t directly relate to the story. Sometimes it’s better for everyone to go separate ways to give everyone their best chance to grow. It’s hard, even if you are convinced (like I was) that the relationship is the one you’ve always been looking for. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the bigger picture, the new and exciting journey waiting just beyond the bend. Sometimes we need to just let go of the urge to be in control and allow the universe to guide us into a more beautiful, loving, and sweeter happy ending.

Wishing you always and always the very best!

♥ xo


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