Your love is my weakness….

Sometimes songs come to me all at once, in a tumble of words and melody. Others, like this little gem, took a few years. Even still, it took me several years more before I finally got the fully story behind the song. Funny how it happens like that sometimes.

We all have them at one point of our lives or another. A relationship, that no matter the approach or timing, just doesn’t quite seem to work out. You might have a lot of things in common. Maybe come from similar backgrounds. There seem to be too many things that line up just right but in the end, it just doesn’t work out.

While these relationships can be viewed as a waste, I don’t see them as such. I think they help you to clearer define your boundaries. A challenge to stand up for yourself. Most certainly, a beautiful lesson to be learned. Looking back now, I am grateful for all these relationships, romantic and friend alike. They have only helped me grow stronger, wiser and more grateful for all the beauty that I do have in my life.

If you never have rainy days, it’s hard to appreciate the sunshine.

♥ xo


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