Can you feel the love tonight?

Oooh yeah baby! Yes, yes yes I can!

A few weeks ago my husband and I went back home for my sisters wedding. It had been about 8 months since we have moved to Colorado and had seen our family and friends back east. While family visits were mostly covered with the wedding, seeing our friends posed a little bit more of a challenge. With all the planning and prepping happening for the wedding, seeing everyone individually was just not going to happen……

….then my friend had an idea. A truly wonderful, beautiful, brilliant idea. Have a party…in her loft!!

Invitations went out, phone calls were made and a full-blown party was in the works. We were so excited!! When the day finally arrived, I truly couldn’t have imagined what it was going to feel like seeing everyone at once. Let me just tell you – I WAS FEELIN’ THE LOVE!!! There were so many smiling and happy faces, so many hugs shared, and of course – a HUGE music jam! Having tons of musician friends, everyone brought their instruments and talents and totally rocked out the evening. There was definitely lots of dancing and hula hooping. Check out the video below of one of the songs perform. This one is an original by Kevin Quinn (on your right). That killer solo is by the talented Charlie Stevens. Many many others contributed to this musical night as well and we love you all!! 🙂

By the end of our trip we were absolutely buzzing with the love from everyone and were definitely a little sad to leave. We certainly can’t wait to show people around our great new state, but it felt good to be near old and familiar stomping grounds again. One thing I definitely took away from this is – having a “welcome home” party is the way to go! If you can swing it and have the space you are guaranteed a good time with great people. It certainly left us with a smile on our face for weeks! Added bonus: it’s also a really great reminder of how loved you truly are, because you are TRULY loved. ❤

♥ xo


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