Just a spoonful of sugar!

The other night hubby and I decided to watch Mary Poppins. Both of us hadn’t seen it for quite some time and were excited to reminisce about a childhood favorite. I love watching children’s movies as a adult. They are great for when I am a bit too sleep to concentrate, I swear they have magical healing powers if you watch them when your sick, and I love being able to watch them in a different frame of mind than when I was a child! While some I am shocked at what went over my head, more times than not I find that they are still just as insightful and as exciting as when I watched them when I was little.

Mary Poppins was truly no different. I remember most of the words and sang right along. I laughed a whole lot, cried a little and both of us enjoyed the movie immensely. Here is a clip from one of my favorite parts in the movie. Being a theatre lover at heart, I loved Step in Time for all of it’s big dancing and singing. Plus – Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews are just so talented!!

Do you have a childhood movie favorite that you’d like to revisit or do so on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

♥ xo


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