Colours and scents and smiles


Tea and coloring – two of my favorite things. I have a morning ritual and part of that ritual involves coloring. There is something so calming, peaceful and centering about it. You can choose any color you’d like and you don’t have to think too hard about it. I especially love to color Mandalas. I love the symmetry and connectedness. I have found this wonderful website called Don’t Eat the Paste that has a wonderful collection of original Mandalas. I also like to scour Pinterest for Mandalas to color. You can take a look at my coloring page pins here.

I’ve also recently found my soulmate as far as tea shops go. Happy Lucky’s is a wonderful little teahouse in downtown Fort Collins and they make quite an impression. They have a huge wall of teas, samples that you can smell and nearly anything that you can imagine. Not in Colorado to check them out? Don’t worry about it because they have a VIRTUAL tea wall on their website – which I have to say is just as cool! Best part? They ship!! If I might make a few suggestions my 3 favorite herbal teas are: Li’l Mover, Dream Weaver and Rooibos Strawberry Sunshine. Feeling warm and fuzzy just thinking about them! 🙂

Do you like to color? What’s your favorite part about it? Do you have a favorite “scene” to color or medium to use?

♥ xo


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