Hoopin’….on a Sunday afternoon…..

63308_4491063367355_1750522485_nHas there ever been something that you wanted to check out, but fear or nerves got the best of you? I’ve always wanted to go to more classes and workshops for hula hooping, but was always too intimidated by who might be there or what their skill level was. Recently a friend of mine was offering a workshop on “Organized Flailing” at the Boulder Circus Center in Boulder, CO. After reading the description and researching just what flailing was on YouTube, I knew I had to go.

Even though I thought I had my mind made up, I went back and forth a bunch before finally deciding to sign up. Was I good enough to hoop? What if I had a hard time? Will there be others there like me? After talking to my coach and another hoppy friend (who was also attending), I decided that I had absolutely nothing to loose and everything and then some to gain. Without further thought or procrastination, I signed up for my first hoop workshop…EVER.

A friend of mine and I went together and we chatted the whole way about what we were hoping to get from the class and she told me about other workshops that she’s been too and that helped ease my nerves. When we got to the Boulder Circus Center, you could just feel the place buzzing with energy. Everyone was so happy to be there and so eager to learn. There were many different skill levels and I didn’t ever feel out of place.

We first started by going around and talking a little bit about our hoop journey and what we were hoping to bring to the class. Once we got to know each other we were on the floor and hooping away. There were so many smiles and laughter and everyone was getting down and expressing themselves in the hoop. My friend and I were super silly and had SO much fun playing and learning. I definitely took away much more from the workshop that “techniques”. I can also promise that I will be signing up for more workshops in the future…what was I so afraid of anyway? 😉

Has there been something that you have been wanting to check out, but for one reason or another haven’t yet? What’s holding you back? Could you bring a friend?

Don’t let fear keep you stuck from experiencing your life. Who knows, your “fears” might just turn into lots of laughter and fun!!

♥ xo


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