I want to ride my bicycle…I want to ride it where I like!

Last week’s intention for “A Week Of Sunshine” was to try a different form of exercise or movement that we haven’t tried before. Maybe it was something that you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t have the courage. Maybe it was something that you’ve long forgotten about and want to give new life.

Earlier last week my husband came home with a little surprise. I was the proud recipient of a donated bicycle. I have been wanting a bike for a while. The new town we live in has so many awesome places to see and visit, but they are a bit too close to drive and a little too far to walk. Biking is the perfect fit! I was so excited to take my new wheels out for a spin! Saturday’s weather was absolutely perfect! It was sunny and a clean crisp breeze kept everything at just the right temperature. Brendan and I planned to just go out for a few hours ride. I hadn’t been on a bike in a while, so I wanted to take it easy. I’ve never really had a bike that fit me well, but this bike is just right and I felt like a little kid as we explored the intricate trail system we have in town. Our 2-3 hour adventure ended up into a 6 hour excursion, but it was well worth the detour (and some backtracking – oops!) to the recycled bike shop. I got a few extra things to make bike ever more fun, like a sweet seat and a bell! By the time we got home I was definitely tired and a bit sore. When Sunday morning rolled around and another glorious day proudly painted the skies I got back on my bike and rode some more. I think I have found another love. 🙂

Do you have a story from last week’s intention? Please share with us below. Not sure what “A Week of Sunshine” is? Be sure to like my Facebook page, Create Your Sunshine, a new intention is posted every Monday! Be sure to share with friends and family on your Facebook page to be entered into a monthly drawing for a 30 Minute Healthy Start Consultation with me!

Have fun moving those awesome bodies!!

♥ xo



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