A little time for me…


< ~~~ This is my happy place.

This is the place that I go when I am sad. This is the place I go when I am stressed. This is the place I go when I am happy, or nervous, or hyper. The hoop is my sanctuary. It’s my little slice of solace in a sometimes crazy day. I don’t need a lot of time with it either. Just a few minutes really and it starts working instantly. It helps coax my inner child out of hiding and I just can’t help but have a smile on my face.

It encourages me, it challenges me, it helps me to grow, it teaches me to be patient. I’ve grown to appreciate, know, move and love my body in ways that I never thought possible. It’s cleared my mind and calmed my heart.

I can’t explain it’s magical ways. I can only say that you have to truly experience it for yourself and I promise you can hoop! It’s all about finding the right size. If your shoes were too small or too big you wouldn’t be able to do the things that you can do when your shoes fit just right. You’d be clumsy, you might fall or drop something. It just wouldn’t work with the wrong sized shoe, but with the right shoe, who knows what you might accomplish!! It’s the same thing with the hoop, if it’s too big or too small you’re going to have a hard time keeping it up and it just going to fall. It’s inevitable. Save the time of beating yourself up and get yourself fitted for a hoop!! I promise it’s one (very small) investment you will never regret making.

Some bliss in the hoop:

Interested in hooping, but not sure where to start? If you are in the Connecticut or Colorado area I would be happy to hook you up with a local hoop artist that can make you a one-of-a-kind beautifully crafted hoop. If you are anywhere else, don’t worry! I still have you covered! Please check out www.hoopnotica.com (I’m also certified through these wonderful peeps!) for some incredible hoops to ship pretty much anywhere!! Are you ready to get in the hoop?

♥ xo


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