Hey time, wait for meeeeee!!

HA! I wish we could ask time to do a lap around while we catch up with it, but time isn’t one for hanging around and the past few weeks I have quickly discovered that.

I’ll admit it. I’ve got my hands full. This month is going to test all of my juggling abilities, but I am going to make it happen. In a few short weeks hubby and I will be packing our belongings and hitting the dusty trail to Colorado. For anyone that has moved before, you are all too familiar with what is involved. Washing, folding, packing, tagging, selling, cleaning, dusting, mopping and the list goes on and on! Fortunately I’ve gotten over the first few hurdles. In a mad stroke of motivation last week we hauled all of our stuff from the basement, sifted through everything, created keep and sell piles and tagged all of our yard sale offerings. Then this weekend we had a successful yard sale (in which nothing came back in the house!! – it was either dropped off for donation or went to my friends consignment shop) and turned our bedroom into box city! I’ve also been planning a huge event for work amidst several family birthdays, my own birthday and our going away party, a friend’s wedding (congratulations!!!!) so I’ve definitely been keeping busy!

A few valuable things that I have learned during this whole process

1) I am not superwoman. While I am capable of juggling things, I can’t juggle everything all at once and eventually something is going to drop. Recognize strengths and “improvement zones” and don’t overload either to the point of burn out!

2) Exercise that NO muscle! Saying no isn’t a bad thing. In fact it can be the very thing that saves your sanity. If you’re hands are full, then your hands are full. It’s not just taking on one more small thing. Be respectful of yourself and know when you’ve reached your max. Sometimes saying no is the kindest thing you can do for yourself and ultimately the other person.

3) Give yourself a break! With so much to do sometimes it feels like you don’t deserve to sit down. Well guess what? YOU DO! You’ve been running around crazy and look at all that you accomplished! Go ahead and pour that glass of wine, unwind with a movie or a book. Go out with your friends. Just because you have a little more on your plate than usual doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun!

4) When motivation strikes, follow it. For weeks leading up to July I knew that I should start working on packing the apartment, but I didn’t. I just looked around the place overwhelmed and freaked out. Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, motivation hit and in a 1/2 hour the place looked like a tornado hit it. And OOOH BABY was progress made! You might not think the timing is right, but by golly the universe knows what’s up, so listen when it speaks through you!

5) Downsizing is not bad! I think that we have sold/donated about 1/2 of the possessions in our apartment and I’ve gotta say, IT FEELS GOOD! We’ve moved our entire living quarters into one room and it’s working out marvelously. As I’m sitting here typing, I’m wondering what’s even in the other room and do we really need to take it with us?? Haha! If you haven’t used it in over 8 months, get rid of it! Chances are you’ll never use it and it’s just collecting dust. Have a yard sale to create some extra cash or donation it to a local store or shelter. There are so many ways to unload your things!

While we are in the midst of our big move I might not get to post every week (I already missed last week oops!), but once we settle down in our new pad things will go right back to regular around here.

I’ll be seeing you soon from the other side! 🙂

♥ xo


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