C’mon and take a free ride (free ride)!


The group that I am in called The Virtual Love Fest recently started discussing what would happen if we asked ourselves the question “Wouldn’t it be cool if……” and just see where our imaginations take us and the miracles that unfold when we venture in the world of the unknown. So yesterday I climbed aboard the train at Grand Central Station after a trip to Brooklyn and  a few minutes before the train left that I realized that I never bought my ticket. Not wanting to miss the train I decided to purchase it on board. As the train departed I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool if this train ride was free?” and I noticed that the woman next to me was counting out money, probably looking to buy a ticket of her own. I decided that if she didn’t have enough for her ticket that I would help her out.  Then the conductor came by the processed her order (without my help), asked me where I was going, then answered a question of the gentleman across from me….and then the most amazing thing happened. The conductor walked away and never came back. Me? I got my free train ride! 🙂

Miracles DO happen everyday. We just have to believe.

Have a miracle story that you would like to share? Please post below!!

♥ xo


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