It’s delightful, it’s delicious…it’s a date!

So, two weeks ago my coach gave me a challenge. I had to take myself out on a date. In two weeks. I don’t go places by myself. I don’t know why or how this started, but I just don’t like it. I like having someone to talk to. I never know where to take myself alone either, I usually feel awkward. So needless to say, I was a bit scared of this challenge but I knew it had to be done. Self, we are going out on a date!

Well before I knew it (or maybe I did) the first week went by and I did not take myself anywhere. In fact I buried myself inside the house. As the second week started to draw to a close I was starting to feel a bit guilty. I was letting my coach down by not going, but more importantly I was letting myself down.

Then Sunday I got the email. Have I gone on my date yet? No. I haven’t. I’ve been too chicken to take myself out. This was silly, I mean really, what was I afraid of? So yesterday morning I started to brainstorm. Where would I like to go? The first thing I though of was going  to a hula hoop workshop, but that was about an hour away. I tried to figure out a way to justify all the driving (and driving at night, which I don’t see as well), but it just didn’t seem right. Then later on that day I remembered that the Daily Nutmeg released their “What’s happening in New Haven” post for the week, so I checked it out.


And there is was. The most perfect of perfect dates! An evening listening to the young talent of the Yale Jazz band performing the greatest hits of the legendary Cole Porter. I have to say, I was really nervous. Probably because I was making such a big deal about it, but isn’t it a big deal? I also feel compelled to note that the shirt I was wearing boldly stated across the front “You are braver than you think“. Well I’ll be. It was a lovely evening and I had a great time (I also might have been one of the youngest in the audience!). My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much and my soul was just glowing and dancing with radiant love. I’m already starting to look up other dates that I can take myself out on. This is exciting! It’s like falling in love all over again, with me! 🙂

So tell me, where would you take yourself on a date? When would you do it? I want to know, please share below!

♥ xo


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