Winter Wonder Weekend

IMAG0322Wow! What a crazy weekend! Friday night we were covered with over 30″ of snow! There are still plenty of streets across the state that still haven’t been plowed yet. Crews are working round the clock to get us back into working order…and I hear there might be snow this weekend too! I am not complaining however. I love it!

Friday during the snow storm hubby and I went into the front yard and hula hooped (check out the video we made). There was a couple that walked by and were so impressed with our skills that they snapped our picture! I felt like a little kid. Saturday was clean up day, but since our landlord takes care of that we took the opportunity to test out our snow shoes. We received them 2 Christmases ago, but never had a chance to use them. We walked through snow covered streets, past cars that you could barely see. It was a lot of fun. The whole town was out walking around. Thankfully the little grocery down the street was open, so we stocked up. Who knew when we would be plowed out? I wasn’t feeling all that great this weekend, so the rest of the time hubby and I played games and watched movies.

Sunday we went out on our snow shoes again. What a crazy wonderland we live in now! There is just snow everywhere! We went on another walk around the neighborhood, checking out what’s been cleared. I saw a really cool slide that was made out of the snow and kids sliding down. Looked like a lot of fun! It’s so great to see the community coming together and enjoying Mama Nature’s gift! Check me out with my snow shoes from our Sunday walk!

What did you do this wonderful winter weekend? I’d love to know!!

♥ xo


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