Oh. My. Gosh. I think that I am a paradox. So my biggest thing is being comfortable with myself. Being able to love myself for who I am , no matter what. To live and thrive and breathe in my own skin without judgement or envy for anyone else.

Currently I am doing Oprah’s 30 day challenge to find your purpose and who you really are (thanks Taraleigh!). Today I am on day 7 and as of 5:58pm I have still yet to come up with another compliment. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. Well I am pretty independent, I think, as I reminisce about the times where I defied odds and persevered and just trusting that I would figure it out. Except for all those times that I couldn’t go to the store on my own, or I wanted someone to come with me on a trip because I’m scared of public transportation, or the million other times when I have created excuses to take people with me because I was too scared to go alone. So if I wrote down that I was independent, wouldn’t it be a lie?

Maybe. Maybe not. What if that little bit of independence is just the start? What if by writing it down and seeing it day after day awakens something inside me and all those walls and excuses I built come tumbling down. What if the more I started to believe it, the more it came true?

I know I am independent in tough situations and I know that I will stand up for anything that I believe in. And if you mess with someone I love and care about, well whoa buddy, watch out! I’m starting to think it’s time I start believing in myself, even if there’s some cold-hard excuses that claim otherwise. I made those “rules” and aren’t rules supposed to be broken anyway?

So cheers to affirming new truths and loving myself infinitely more than even moments before. Yes, this life is most definitely going to rock!

♥ xo



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