Shocked my brain!

Wow. That is the first word that comes to mind when I think about the workshop that I attended this weekend. I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Christine Hassler, Cora Poage (with Sexy Soul Wellness) and Amir Zoghi at the New York Open for the Intuitive Warrior workshop. The underlying theme of the workshop was following your intuition. Each speak was intriguing, passionate, articulate, beautiful and energetic. They got me feeling and those feeling helped me come a l i v e.

I used to try to see the bigger picture. How everything that we do is connected as a whole. Sometimes it truly makes me dizzy!! I try to understand how we all think differently on different topics and how everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion. I see how every day little things influence us and change the path that we were on, even ever so slightly. On the flip side, I’ve seen how certain things that we have grown accustomed to hold us stuck in our place.

Now I try to look at the world differently. I see that the world is truly made up of exactly what you think it is. This isn’t a “be positive all the time and only good things will come” kind of a post. I do believe that if we try to stay optimistic it will turn in our favour, but I like to be realistic too. But this world, truly is exactly how we choose to see it. We can choose to concentrate on the bad things, the bad people, bad rules and bad plans. Or you can try to find beauty in the gloomiest of days. You can try to find the lesson in the middle of the confusion.

Just keep searching for the truth. Find the spark within you that connects heart and mind, body and soul all together. Follow that urge, that longing, that little voice telling you it’s OK to take the risk, you’re going to be all right. Don’t hold back. You never know what’s waiting for you on the other side. It could be the most beautiful journey of them all. And you have the courage, I know you do. Every single one of us can truly be whatever we want to be. No dream is ever too far out of reach. No dream is ever too bold or too lofty. If we can dream it we can do it. I truly believe that. So listen to your heart. Follow what it’s telling you. Sit with it. Talk to it. Love your heart. It has all the answers. It’s known for a really long time. It will set…you  f r e e . . . . . . . .

I love you. You can do this. I can do this. What a blissful, beautiful world this is!

♥ xo



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