Who Am I?

Who am I but the dust of the Most High
Drifting like a leaf in the summer sky
Hoping one day you will see,
that what’s inside of you, 
is what’s inside of me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Even longer since I’ve written something. As per usual, life has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, changes and transitions. I’ve been taking time to process all of it, grounding myself in their lessons and working to build the most kick-ass toolbox to handle whatever life throws my way.

This past January, my world was absolutely rocked to it’s core. My grandmother, one of the women in my life that helped shape who I am today, crossed over the rainbow bridge to the eternal world of souls. To be perfectly honest, I have never in my life felt grief like that. Ever. I’ve lost loved ones and pets, but this was new. It was different. It was completely devestating. It’s only been six months since she passed and I still have not quite found a way to remember her without feeling like I am dying inside. I know it will come with time, maybe, so until then I have started to shift my focus to radical, determined, abundant, intensely loving self care. This blog will chronical my journey of healing.

I haven’t mentioned this much previously, mostly because I never truly knew what was going on, but I have been in daily pain for over 10 years. Throughout the years I’ve gone to various doctors for various issues, but none of them gave me a direct or correct answer. This daily pain is usually coupled with migraines, nausea, extreme coldness, and a bunch of other odd and interrelated symptoms. I finally got so fed up with it all that I decided to try one more time to go to the Doctor to get an answer. I felt like I had tried as many ways and ideas as possible to manage it all, but without knowing what it was, I was running out of options. This go-around I was in a completely different state, halway across the country. That should increase my odds of getting an answer, right? After a bit of debating (and even more procrastination) I scheduled my appointment with a new doctor. Fast forward to several visits later, a second opinion and a lot of connecting the dots an ah-ha’s, it was determined that I was dealing with Fibromyalgia. To be perfectly honest, at this point, I wasn’t that surprised. Suspicion or not, it was nice it finally have an answer. I also found out that my EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) levels were a bit higher than the normal 15-30%, mine were just over 400%, answering the question I constantly asked myself: “Why am I SO tired?!”.

Armed with my answers, I went home to begin the intense and much needed work of releasing the guilt I had begun to shoulder trying to be “normal”. I started to create a self-care routine that would support and honour this body and life that I was given. I’m not ashamed to take naps or go to bed early. I make sure I am filling my body with healthy foods and ample H2O. I spend a lot of time meditating in my balcony garden, in fact, that’s where I am writing this right now. It’s heaven. Not only do I get to watch all my little plants and seedlings grow, but there are so many birds and butterflies and bunnies that play in the grass and trees here. My balcony garden helps me feel closer to my grandmother too, which is healing in its own way. Slowly I am learning how to love myself fully, how to say no, how to support who I am and where I am, right now, in this moment.

♥ xo


Are you ready?!


Create Your Sunshine is getting revamped!!

Stay tuned for new monthly blog posts on anything and everything as I navigate my journey of healing and discovery through conscious and abundant self care. There are so many different ways to bring joy, creativity, imagination and play and self care into your life. Below are pictures of some of the ways I help to bring sunlight into my life!

Thank you so much for being here. When we come together as a community to support eachother, magic happens!! 🙂

♥ xo


Feel free to share in the comments below the things that bring sunlight into your life!


Hooping Meditation Oils and Crystals


Painting Collage


Reading Hiking Gardening Cooking


Yoga Collage

September ~ A Month in Pictures


One of my newest paintings. Universal LOVE, baby!
Sunset from the top of the Rocky Mountains, RMNP
Hubby love!!! Rocky Mountain National Park!
Phish in Denver with Filicia!!!! Yay!!!
Hells yes they can!!! Shout out to our friends Kung Fu on this one!!
Sunset from the top of Sugarloaf, Boulder, CO.
My garden plans for 2016! Can’t wait!!!
Ice Cream Social with my ladies & gents!!! So much fun! 🙂
Mmm. Yes. Let’s j u s t breath.

August ~ A Month in Pictures

Gift painting for my yoga school – Holistic Yoga School!
New leggings, new tapestry, new journal! All set! 🙂
My beautiful sunflower! So tall!!
Ahhh! Double Rainbow!!!! 🙂
Roadtripping to CT! Packed with all the essentials!
Painting I made for my niece! ❤ Love her!
Butterfly garden at Norwalk Aquarium in Norwalk, CT.
Butterfly garden at Norwalk Aquarium in Norwalk, CT.
Butterfly garden at Norwalk Aquarium in Norwalk, CT.
My and my mom at Norwalk Aquarium!
Another successful barn party in the books! Thank you Becky and Lea!
Colouring with my sweetie pie niece!
We are on our way back to CO with company!!! 🙂
Whoa! Hello giant zucchini!!!!

July ~ A Month in Pictures

Huzzah! Phish tickets are here!!!! :)I’m so excited I could eat them!
Elephant pants with my elephant phone case! Check out the pants at http://www.theelephantpants.com!!! Phone case is from Amazon. Wheeee!
Put your heart and soul where I can see them shiiiiine!!! New painting! ❤
Blossoms blooming. Dots swirling. Another new creation!
A painting that I donated to my yoga school (www.http://holisticyogaschool.com.) for our Earth Medicine Wheel workshop!!
Oh my freaking God! My tweenage dreams come true!!! HANSON!!!!!!!!
Nommity nom nom. Kale & brussels with grilled onions and a hardboiled egg in a dijon mustard sauce. Off the cuff – just cuz….
Mm! A little yoga in the garden! Tree pose variation. 🙂
Holy Zucchini! Didn’t even know this bad boy was growing!!!
Collaboration painting done with friends in celebration of my birthday!
Panoramic view of the CSU gardens and gazebo!


June ~ A Month in Pictures

Goofing Around with angles!
Zen garden creations!
Beer tasting at Southern Sun Brewery in Boulder!
3rd Clothes Swap! It’s been so successful, it’s turned bi-annual!
Friends at the airport!
Blue tootsies!!
Why thank you. Thank you very much!! 🙂
Horse tooth falls with the guys!
On the way out of Breckenridge, CO.
Loveland Pass Sunset.
Those Rockies sure are breathtaking….in more ways than one!
Shadow art.
Standing on top of the world!
My buddies visiting from CT!
Proof. Haha! 🙂
Yummy yummy snacks and treats!
Blissed out after yoga practice.

May ~ A Month in Pictures

Horsetooth Reservoir
Veggie & Baked Tofu Rice Wraps. YUM!
Coming to the CYS Etsy shop soon!!!
Travel Altars!! Coming soon!!!
Travel Altars in the making! 🙂
My own altar – featuring my Labradorite and Opalite pendulums!!
A raging Cashe La Poudre river!!
A sweet little meditation spot my husband found!
My newest (and kinda my most favourite) painting!

April ~ A Month In Pictures

Soulection Show in Denver! The room was breathing!


Hammock swinging is the life for me!


LOVE…..a new painting!


And another!!! My soul was really calling out to create this beauty!


Me….being my goof self!


One of my favourites. Man I have been productively painting this month! 🙂


Crystal grid celebration with friends.



Saying goodbye to a loyal friend.


Saying hello to a new friend! Not complete without South Park Phish sticker!! Haha!


Zappa Plays Zappa in Denver = most amazing concert ever.


Celestial Seasonings factory trip with hubby on a rainy Sunday.


Love this book by Shakti Gawain. My 2nd year reading it and it only gets better!

Loving spring and all the lilacs! Thank you neighbors!!! Garden: Coming Soon!


To Be Real



To Be Real

So many questions,

my emotions are scattered.

Trying to reason,

but my heart won’t let go.

• • •

Your soul shines bright,

like 1,000 suns blazing,

and I hear it calling to the seeds of our love:

Grow with me, welcome home.”

• • •

In the “real world” it’s been days

since I last told you, I love you.

For me it has felt like eternity.

• • •

If I had the courage,

I would tell you every morning, every sunset.

The authentic expression of our love

would shake the walls around your soul.

• • •

I still smell you, faint on my memory.

Your warm embrace, tangled and woven into my heart.

The essence of who we are together,

dances beneath my ribs,

singing our love to the ages.

©Nicole Page

♥ xo



Be brave. Tell the story.

Ever since I was little I loved to perform. There was always something so blissful and magical about it. I felt at home on the stage, singing my heart out, while I painting a picture with my words. As I got older, that love didn’t diminish – much quite the opposite – but there was one small thing I couldn’t get over. I really really loved singing slow, sometimes sad, songs.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I listen to all types of music, dance to all types of music. Bottom line, I LOVE music!


When I first started writing music, I quickly became aware of my affinity for slower songs. Almost every song that I wrote was focused around a feeling, an experience and they would regularly take on the form of a slow, sweet melody and thoughtful, stirring lyrics. I had a hard time playing these songs out at open mic and shows on a regular basis, because quite honestly, I thought that I would be boring my audience. I mean, who really wants to go to see a show of slow songs?

Just several years later I would find how grateful I am that this was where my heart lies.

I’ve found that we can very easily live in a society where we shun, belittle, and ignore our feelings. People tell us we shouldn’t feel a certain way or that we are over the edge, etc. Personally, I don’t think that we feel enough – at least not what truly matters – and that’s why I like my slow songs. They give a moment of pause, invite you to take a closer listen, feel with your heart, really feeeeeeel.

They broach all the “dangerous” subjects. Love lost, sticky situations, things that would rather be left swept under the rug. They bring all those feelings to the forefront and shine a big beautiful warm light on them as if to say “Hey, it’s alright. I’m here with you and we’re going to do this together.”. Slow songs make me honest, they help me get in touch with the things I’m not yet ready to say while helping me build the foundation on which to lay my own words. They help me to be real, human, compassionate and authentic. That is what I want to give my audience. The peaceful solitude of a slow song, to stir at their heart strings and to bring all that we truly can be into the light, all the while saying “I am here. We are in this together and thank you, thank you, thank you for being brave enough to venture into the unknown with me.”


Sam Smith gave me the courage to finally embrace what has always been a beautiful love affair with slow songs. He helped me to realize that the absolutely beauty of who we are is when we make our own way instead of following the “shoulds”. His debut album is 90% slow songs and I could not be happier. Thank you for being brace and shining your beautiful light so that others may find the courage to shine their own. This one’s for you, Sam.