My journey of healing and discovery through conscious and abundant self care.

About Me


Life is a wonderful, crazy, sometimes scary roller coaster ride. We’ve all been through ups and downs, highs and lows. Through years of patience, self-discovery, love and a whole lot of “am I going crazy?!”, I am now choosing to live life by my terms, yearning to seek out and embrace all that is positive, radiant and beautiful in this world. What an incredible experience to be able to ride the waves of life, pull yourself out of its swells and step back into the sunlight to live a life that is completely authentic.

In choosing to live life by my terms, I am actively creating the life that I want to live, surrounding myself with the people and joys that uplift me and continue to motivate me to strive farther and wider than I could have imagined. The experiences and lessons that I’ve encountered along the way have only helped to shape who I am today. Some of them were brilliant and some of them I’d rather not live through again, but they have all contributed to the person I am now and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I encourage you to find the strength and determination to start out on your own path, take baby steps towards creating your own sunshine and never forget that you are never alone.

Wishing you peace, beauty, and love on your quest to your most authentic self. Namaste.


♥ xo