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July ~ A Month in Pictures

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Huzzah! Phish tickets are here!!!! :)I’m so excited I could eat them!


Elephant pants with my elephant phone case! Check out the pants at!!! Phone case is from Amazon. Wheeee!


Put your heart and soul where I can see them shiiiiine!!! New painting! ❤


Blossoms blooming. Dots swirling. Another new creation!


A painting that I donated to my yoga school (www. for our Earth Medicine Wheel workshop!!


Oh my freaking God! My tweenage dreams come true!!! HANSON!!!!!!!!


Nommity nom nom. Kale & brussels with grilled onions and a hardboiled egg in a dijon mustard sauce. Off the cuff – just cuz….


Mm! A little yoga in the garden! Tree pose variation. 🙂


Holy Zucchini! Didn’t even know this bad boy was growing!!!


Collaboration painting done with friends in celebration of my birthday!


Panoramic view of the CSU gardens and gazebo!


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