January ~ A Month in Pictures

Spiritual Energy – Ultimate Manifestation Disc!


This girl is going to be a Yoga Teacher!! SO EXCITED!!!!


Sweet afternoon sun 🙂
Sunset over the mountains. Colourful Colorado indeed!
Hosting my 1st ever Essential Oils class January 29th! Hurrah!!!
Started Spirit • Grow • Love: A Book Lover’s Club!!! Click the picture to join!


Fun in the snow! Snowshoeing at Brainard Lake Recreational Area outside of Nederland, CO!


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Manifest and make it happen!


admin-ajax.phpWith the start of the new year comes resolutions to do and be better: eat healthier, exercise more, take up a hobby, etc. While all of those are fantastic, the resolution to become a gym rat overnight – when you’ve never liked the gym – isn’t one that’s likely to stick. I’ve tried to trick myself into that 3 times and had to fight my way out of a gym membership I never used because of it. Thankfully it seems, third time’s the charm!

I have BIG plans for 2015, but it’s impossible to keep them all remember in my head. I wanted to have them in a place where I saw them every single day, so I decided to get a little white board and hang it in my office. I’ve got all kinds of stuff on there, from travel plans to concerts I’d like to see and things I’d like to create more time for. Being able to visually see them everyday constantly brings it to the forefront of my attention encouraging me to take tiny steps every day towards achieving my goals!

CASE IN POINT #1: See the 3rd line from the bottom, Medicine Yoga Goddess? Well, my girl Jennifer Mountain makes these incredible felted sculptures and when she posted a picture of her Listening Yoga Medicine Goddess, I instantly fell in love. As beautiful as she was, I couldn’t immediately swing the price, so I put her on my manifestation board so that she can come to me in better circumstances. Almost a month later I found out Jennifer was having a sale in her Etsy shop. il_570xN.704826797_kanmTo tell you I did a happy dance doesn’t even begin to justify it! I WAS ECSTATIC! I messaged Jennifer immediately, paid her for this gorgeous beauty (which she was kind enough to put on hold for me until I got home) and she is now on her way to her new home!! Hooray!! Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!

CASE IN POINT #2: Back in October, we celebrated World Hoop Day. My intention was to go there with only ONE hoop so that I could bring the new hoop I was going to win in the raffle home with me (gotta let the universe know what you want, right?). Well, about half way through the raffle they called out my name!! Alright!! There were still quite a few hoops left to choose from, but I had had my eye on a particularly special one, created by none other than the fabulously talented Rachael, from Get Funny Boned hoops and bindis! (I also promised I would take pictures for her – sorry girl!! Hope they were worth the wait!!). This fast became my favourite hoop and I use it all the time! If you want to get your hands on your own Beetle Juicy Hoop or one of Rachael’s other signature strips, click on the picture below!

Manifesting the things that you want in life is as easy as 1, 2, 3! First you have to get clear on the things that you want to bring into your life. I find it really helpful to have my little white board on the wall in my office. I can see it every day and knowing that I am working towards bringing these fantastic things into my life makes me smile! Maybe a journal or vision board might work better for you. However you want to keep track, make sure to get clear on what you want and put it in a place where you can see it EVERY DAY! 🙂 Then take little baby steps to make those dreams come true! I know you can do it!! ❤

Do you have a story on how you manifested something in your life? Share it in the comments below. Let’s support each other and make 2015 our absolute best year yet!!

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beetlejuicy stripe 2

Quiet Quiet


Quiet Quiet

It’s time to take a step back

Quiet the mind, ease into the heart

Quiet, quiet – now that’s more like it

It’s hard to hear your souls whisper through the unending static

The greyed and tangled thread of courage, lifeless at my feet.

• • •

I’m standing so far out – it’s awkward and scary.

My love, my words are genuine – but still I feel rejected.

What am I doing wrong? I can only be me! My light, authentic.

So for now, I retreat, to the quiet, quiet.

• • •

It hurts, you know, to be brave and bold.

To speak your truth with open honesty and love.

Rising tall in the face of those unknowing jeers.

Feeling all alone in this quest for truth.

• • •

I’m letting go – for a moment.

I need to, this isn’t fair.

You will find me when you are ready.

And I will be there, arms wide

Open, breathing in the quiet, quiet.

Living in your loving.

©Nicole Page
♥ xo

Christmas Traditions: Rearranged!

This Christmas I wanted to do something a little different. I was inspired by a post from Christine Walsh Egan, where she described her family’s tradition of celebrating the Winter Solstice and how much they looked forward to it each year, relaxed and surround by loved ones, and that got me thinking. Christmas time can be such a stressful time of year, lots of lists and planning, presents to buy and meals to prepare. There is so much prep work, that by the time the holiday gets here – you are just too pooped!!

 This year I wanted to switch it up. I didn’t want to be stuck in the kitchen for hours and hours. I wanted to spend time with the people that I cared about, creating memories and sharing laughs. I decided that this year we were going to dub “Casual Christmas”! The focus wasn’t going to be a huge meal, or presents – just the company that we shared and spending time together.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there was still some prep work – but on a much smaller scale!!

Holiday Collage 1

Like I mentioned, spending hours in the kitchen was just not an option this year, but that didn’t mean I wanted to buy already-made food or not make anything exciting! I scoured Pinterest (I make it sound like a chore – but it is far from it!) for hours looking for the perfect recipes and believe you me that I found them! I had a nice balance of foods that needed to be cooked, salads that took little to no work and I even brought in my crock-pot for back-up help!

First delicious dish up is the Perfect Layered Salad – and let me tell you – it is just that! I mixed the dressing together the night before to help it meld together for extra deliciousness. I also defrosted the peas the night before, so on Christmas Day all I have to do was put it all together. I have to say, I am really pleased and it looks SO pretty. The original recipe called for bacon on top, but being vegetarians, I sliced some red bell pepper and arranged it on top with a broccoli florette in the middle. I didn’t even realize until after they are perfect together for Christmas! Bonus!! 🙂

The other salad dish I made was that fabulous Antipasto from Martha Stewart. Traditionally Antipasto includes salty cured meats, so I did a little twist for us vegetarians! Roasted Red Peppers, Peppadew and Pepperoncini peppers and mixed olives stayed as the foundation. I also included those delicious Mozzarella balls – and they were delicious – I happened to prep them the night before so everything can mix together. I don’t know if it made a difference, but I will say that if you do that – make sure to take out of the fridge for about 30minutes so the oil has a chance to melt. Parrano and Cheddar cheese graced our platter as well as the delicious Bubbies Kosher Dill pickles (yum!), and of course the figs!

Holiday Collage 2

 The eggplant pizza’s were absolutely melt-in-your-mouth out of this world and so easy to make! I put my husband in charge of that dish and he did a fantastic job! The stuffed mushrooms were also a hit! I made enough dip to stuff and also leave extra to top some yummy crusty bread! I didn’t change anything either of these recipes – they were perfect as is!

Finally, to top everything off and wash it all down – Hot Cranberry Punch! It was DELICIOUS and perfect for our snowy White Christmas in Colorado! Everything came together so well and my husband and I had a blast making everything and rocking out to the tunes of  Connecticut’s own KUNG FU! Better yet, everything was ready and waiting once guests started to arrive, meaning that we got to spend all the time creating memories and sharing laughter – exactly what we needed!!

I hope that your family had as wonderful a holiday was we did!! Now to celebrate this fabulous New Year!! Love to you all!!

Recipe Links:

Julia Child’s Eggplant Pizzas – Kalyn’s Kitchen

The Perfect Layered Salad – Spend With Pennies

Spinach Artichoke Dip Stuffed Mushrooms – Snixy Kitchen

Antipasto Platter – Martha Stewart

Hot Cranberry Punch – Deliciously Sprinkled

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