August ~ A Month in Pictures

Girlfriends! So much fun day-tripping to Boulder!


Sunset on the drive home. Colorado, you so purty!! 🙂


Camping. Retreat. Me-time. Peaceful. Love love love!


Meeting a new friend! Check her out!!

Daughter of the Wild – She has such pretty jewelry!!! Love the necklace I got! 🙂

Nahko and Medicine for the People. *Swoon* *Pass-out* *Pinching myself*


Friends coming to stay. Case de la Page. #wecanallfitright? 🙂


Sunflowers….I see you peeking! My favourite! ❤


Incredible coloring book my friend brought over. CAN NOT wait to get mine. ❤

Love the coloring book and journal above? You can score your very own here. I promise you will not be disappointed!!

♥ xo



An Exuberant Dance To Spring


I feel exhausted as my soul jumps and flies,

from one lesson to the next,

soaring on wings of light and rainbow glitter.

The adventure is magic.

Each moment leaving me more speechless than the last.

More grateful than I could ever conceive.

But…..sometimes it’s hard to keep up.

It’s like getting lost in a dream world.

Beauty and miracles surround me,

every opportunity and possibility open to me.

If only I would choose.

Is it that easy? Really?

The hardest part is the balance.

Learning to find solid ground amid the clouds.

But when life is as beautiful and powerful as this,

how does on ever touch down?

One breath in. One breath out.

One moment. Step by step.

It’s the only way to achieve balance.

It’s the only way to enjoy every moment.

It’s the only way to fly.

©Nicole Page
♥ xo

In Love’s Defense

Imagine, if you will, a situation in which your heart has been betrayed. Perhaps someone let you down, or there was a break-up. Those moments can sometimes feel like the worst of your life… that moment. Heart break is hard, there’s no other way around it, but it’s in the struggle that we find our strength and our voice. It is in that struggle that we can make a powerful choice: to be swallowed by the heartache we feel until we become it, or to rise above it, newly emerged like a phoenix ready for the next new adventure.

Love can sometimes have a bad wrap after heartbreak. It can be put on the shelf, stuffed in a closet, and pretty much all but lost and forgotten……that is until a new love comes along to awaken it.

Let love guide your heart. Fill your soul with all the love you’ve got (and believe me baby, you’ve got plenty, I promise!). Peace is waiting on the other side and it’s beautiful here.

Let love back in. ❤


♥ xo