Get it • Want it • Need it • Hold it!

janisjoplin_0Mmmm…….Janis. Where do I begin?

She’s one of those girls that get under your skin. In a good way. She’s sexy, she’s soul, she’s incredible – and you just can’t get her off your mind. Her voice drips raw with emotion. You can feel her heart beating inside yours when she sings. While I’ve never met her or even had to honor to see her perform, she inspires me daily – to enjoy life to it’s fullest, to DARE to be you, and to know that it is SO ok to feel your emotions and let them OUT….through song, through dance and with love. Janis might not have always been a good girl, but she sure left her mark on this world while she was here.

Today I got together with a friend, and while exchanging stories, found that we have a very large place in our hearts for soul, jazz and singing. How do you describe it? Sing, sing, sing – makes my heart soar with the flight of wings!  It’s home. It’s my soul’s happy place. It’s where I sort shit out and I let shit out and I know it’s all going to be OK. It’s where I learn to breathe again. It’s where I remember who I am.

In honor of the beautiful Janis and my key to heaven, my rendition of Get It While You Can. Enjoy! 🙂


♥ xo


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