Cruisin’ on a Sunday afternoon

This Sunday, Hubby and I took a drive up into the mountains to Red Feather Lakes. While there wasn’t too much to the town (took us literally 2 seconds to drive through it!!) the ride up and around the town was beautiful. Since our originally plan went a bit bust, we decided to take the scenic route back and stop if we saw any hiking trails. We decided on route that wound through the mountains. I kid you not when I say it took my breath away. Rounding a curve we saw a little pull off and got out to stretch and walk around. This was our view from the top! It was quite windy, so we didn’t stay too long or hike around. Some of the gusts that came by were so strong, I thought they would knock the car right over! Regardless of the weather, the view never ceases to amaze me.


The road back home was equally as beautiful, passing through Poudre Canyon on the way. We rode a long in silence listening to the road and looking up at the enormous mountains before us. Incredible how in an instant you can feel so small, yet so intertwined with a bigger picture. If we ever stay away from the mountains for too long, they let us know and they call us home. What a happy, blissful, incredible reunion it is and it makes me wonder why I stayed away so long in the first place.

Do you have somewhere that you feel right at home? A place where you can recharge your soul? What makes it so special for you? For me, it is and will always be the vast beauty of nature. How something so beautiful and profound is created and stands proud and magnificent throughout millennia. How blessed we are to have such a beautiful landscape in our backyard. I really think that John Muir said it best:

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.” 
― John MuirOur National Parks

♥ xo


Colours and scents and smiles


Tea and coloring – two of my favorite things. I have a morning ritual and part of that ritual involves coloring. There is something so calming, peaceful and centering about it. You can choose any color you’d like and you don’t have to think too hard about it. I especially love to color Mandalas. I love the symmetry and connectedness. I have found this wonderful website called Don’t Eat the Paste that has a wonderful collection of original Mandalas. I also like to scour Pinterest for Mandalas to color. You can take a look at my coloring page pins here.

I’ve also recently found my soulmate as far as tea shops go. Happy Lucky’s is a wonderful little teahouse in downtown Fort Collins and they make quite an impression. They have a huge wall of teas, samples that you can smell and nearly anything that you can imagine. Not in Colorado to check them out? Don’t worry about it because they have a VIRTUAL tea wall on their website – which I have to say is just as cool! Best part? They ship!! If I might make a few suggestions my 3 favorite herbal teas are: Li’l Mover, Dream Weaver and Rooibos Strawberry Sunshine. Feeling warm and fuzzy just thinking about them! 🙂

Do you like to color? What’s your favorite part about it? Do you have a favorite “scene” to color or medium to use?

♥ xo


Celebrate on the clock!

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret: I LOVE my birthday! Every year weeks before it’s arrived I start a count down and inform everyone I see that it’s XX days till my birthday. While some may think this is annoying and some still might think I am crazy for announcing my birthday (for fear of the forbidden age being leaked), I don’t mind. I love my birthday and I love me and I want to celebrate!!

Now, there’s one thing that I’ve noticed about birthdays that doesn’t seem quite right. We only celebrate once a year! Your birth is miraculous and every day that you are on the earth is miraculous, so why just limit the celebration of your life to just one day a year?


Fear not my sunny warriors! I have come up with a pretty sweet solution – let me break it down? There are 24 hours in a day and 12 days in a month. There are 60 minutes in an hour and 30/1 days in a month. That means that every day, everyone on the PLANET can celebrate their birthday twice a day!!! What the heck am I talking about you ask? Well, for instance, my birthday is July 17th – or in clock terms 7:17. If your birthday was March 28th, you can celebrate your birthday at 3:28 every day!

Here are a few things that I like to do to celebrate my birthday “on the clock”:

  • Happy dance to one of my favorite songs
  • Spend a few minutes meditating
  • If I am in the car, I give a Woo-Hoo!! and wave to whoever might be passing by
  • Have a piece (or two) of dark chocolate
  • Enjoy a deliciously warm cup of tea
  • Mini-yoga session with my favorite postures

You are so special and should be celebrated more than just once a year! Will you join me? How will you celebrate your birthday on the clock? Please share your ideas below!

♥ xo


Waking with the rising sun


I  used to see the sunrise on an almost daily basis. Having an 1+ commute to work, I was guaranteed a spectacular light show almost every morning and I reveled in it’s beauty. While there are many benefits to working from home, there are a few downfalls and missing the sunrise was definitely one for me. Lately the universe has been sending me signs that Mama Nature was tired of being stood up. I constantly kept seeing articles and pictures about “When was the last time you saw a sunrise?” and it really got me thinking hard, because honestly I didn’t remember.

For the past month I have been letting myself naturally wake up without an alarm. At first I was afraid that I was going to completely sleep in, but in fact I have been getting up with time to spare, but never before sunrise. This week I had my chance! My husband was bringing close friends to the airport and picking them up at 6:30am. Being a trooper (and seeing this as an opportunity to finally catch the sunrise, I decided to get up too.


Not wanting to miss my opportunity I *broke my rule* and set my alarm. This was more of a backup plan than anything else. Before I went to sleep I also asked my Angels and Goddess to gently wake me in the morning when it was time and off to dreamland I went. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but not only did I wake up on time, I woke up BEFORE the alarm! Granted it was only 5 minutes, but I’ll take it!!

The above pictures are the result of my determination to wake with the rising sun. Early or not, it was worth every single moment. I put on John Denver’s “Sunshine on my Shoulders” (which I might add is the perfect soundtrack) and I just sat and watched the sun rise until it broke over the last cloud. When I couldn’t look at it anymore (for fear of becoming blind – from it’s beauty *cymbal crash) I burned incense, meditated with a few of my healing stones and drew a Tarot card for the day. This has been something that I imagined doing for such a long time and it felt so good to finally have that moment in the morning.

There is something so magical about the start of a brand new day. Of watching the night turn into day. New beginnings and fresh starts. When was the last time you saw the sunrise? I know that I do not want to wait this long again.

If you have any sunrise pictures that  you would like to share, please feel free to post them to Create Your Sunshine’s Facebook page. I am going to put together an album of (credited) photos, so that when we don’t quite make it or the sun is feeling shy, we will always have a beautiful reminder of what our wonderful Mother Earth is capable of.

♥ xo