It’s YOUR day, make it special!


This past Sunday, hubby and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. We have had an incredibly blessed year of discovery and growth. Learning together and building a beautiful life that becomes more intertwined, in love and in sync every day. It’s had it’s fair share of hard times, but even they have their place and usefulness! ๐Ÿ™‚

We wanted to do something special to celebrate, but we felt that spending money on each other just to get gifts was a little silly. We planned on going on a nice long bike ride and picnic, but the weather was unfortunately rainy and cancelled our plans. Regardless of our detours, we ended up having one incredible day.

First thing is first when celebrating. YOU GET TO SLEEP IN. It’s just a must, especially if it’s you you’re celebrating! Our sleeping in was until 10am, but I’ll take anything! Hubby was super sweet and awesome and ran to the grocery store once we did manage to get up and while he was gone I made a breakfast fit for a king (or perhaps several of them).

Before I go on, for all you food porn addicts, I am sorry to disappoint. I never had the foresight to take pictures, so you are just going to have to salivate to the images you conjure in your head. Next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our anniversary breakfast included: gluten free cinnamon toast, herbed scrambled eggs, home made hash browns, ย grape tomatoes, red grapes, cheddar cheese slices and fresh apple juice. Yummy yum yummerz!!

After breakfast I started to prepare dinner (what a weirdo!). Let me explain. Instead of going out to dinner and spending a bajillion dollars on a meal (I swear we are not stingy!), we decided to make a meal at home with our good friends. Brendan was really wanting some Italian cooking and I needed it to be gluten free. What was I going to do? THANK GOODNESS FOR PINTEREST – ย I found this delicious, easy, and fabulous crock-pot recipe that fit the bill perfectly and because it cooks in the crock pot, it’s literally zero work for me. Score, YES, oh happy day!

With my gluten-free lasagna simmering away in the crock pot, I put together a vibrantly colorful salad and my friend and I made these gluten-free cheesy bread rolls. If that wasn’t enough, I also made King Arthur’s gluten free brownies, which I have to say are INSANELY yummy and chocolately and DO NOT taste gluten free at all. Our friends also had the fantastic idea of bringing dessert (can you have too much when you are celebrating?) so all together we had brownies, covered in chocolate mousse, topped with whipped cream and raspberries. Who needs to eat out?

Dinner was wonderful and relaxing and topped off with a nice bottle of wine. Afterwards we played a really close game of Yatzee and enjoyed each other’s company. It really was the perfect way to spend an anniversary.

Do you have an anniversary story where you decided to forgo the “traditional” ideas and do something all your own? Please share below! I’d love to hear from you!

โ™ฅ xo


I want to ride my bicycle…I want to ride it where I like!

Last week’s intention for “A Week Of Sunshine” was to try a different form of exercise or movement that we haven’t tried before. Maybe it was something that you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t have the courage. Maybe it was something that you’ve long forgotten about and want to give new life.

Earlier last week my husband came home with a little surprise. I was the proud recipient of a donated bicycle. I have been wanting a bike for a while. The new town we live in has so many awesome places to see and visit, but they are a bit too close to drive and a little too far to walk. Biking is the perfect fit! I was so excited to take my new wheels out for a spin! Saturday’s weather was absolutely perfect! It was sunny and a clean crisp breeze kept everything at just the right temperature. Brendan and I planned to just go out for a few hours ride. I hadn’t been on a bike in a while, so I wanted to take it easy. I’ve never really had a bike that fit me well, but this bike is just right and I felt like a little kid as we explored the intricate trail system we have in town. Our 2-3 hour adventure ended up into a 6 hour excursion, but it was well worth the detour (and some backtracking – oops!) to the recycled bike shop. I got a few extra things to make bike ever more fun, like a sweet seat and a bell! By the time we got home I was definitely tired and a bit sore. When Sunday morning rolled around and another glorious day proudly painted the skies I got back on my bike and rode some more. I think I have found another love. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have a story from last week’s intention? Please share with us below. Not sure what “A Week of Sunshine” is? Be sure to like my Facebook page, Create Your Sunshine, a new intention is posted every Monday! Be sure to share with friends and family on your Facebook page to be entered into a monthly drawing for a 30 Minute Healthy Start Consultation with me!

Have fun moving those awesome bodies!!

โ™ฅ xo



World Hoop Day – 2013


October 5, 2013 was World Hoop Day and hoopers from all over the world gather together in their areas to celebrate this simplistic and inspirational circle. Here in Fort Collins we had our own celebration, and my first participation in World Hoop Day. My husband and I had an absolute BLAST! There were so many friendly faces and so much talent.

It was a pot luck, so everyone brought a little something to snack on and you got mad props if you made it in the shape of a hoop. I’m always one to take on a challenge, so I filed through the recipes in my brain (and on Pinterest!) and came up with Apple Sandwiches! I cored the apples, and on one side put Sunflower Seed Butter (my favourite!), honey on the other side, raisins in the middle, and then smooshed them together. I will warn you – they are a bit messy. Perhaps they wouldn’t be as much without the honey, but it seems they were a smash! ๐Ÿ™‚

There were several flow workshops going on and a hoop making station run by the beautiful and talent Rachael from Funny Bone Hoops. She is one cool chica with a crazy amount of awesome tape and tubes! I took some home in the form of mini hoops! YES! Afterward there was a showcase performance and Hubby and I kicked it off performing an original “Incredible Souls”. Holy cow, Fort Collins got talent. There was a poi performance, a few staff artists and of course hoopers. Everyone was amazing and I definitely walked away buzzing and inspired!

Every area that gathers learns a choreography and performs a dance in celebration of the wonderful Hula Hoop. Here is our performance from World Hoop Day. A special thank you to Coco for all of her efforts in putting everything together – and on her birthday no less! You rock girl! ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course, thank you all who came out and participated and strutted your stuff! You are all incredible and I feel so very blessed to have shared the day with all of you!!

โ™ฅ xo


*Photo and video courtesy of Corrine Watson