You’re my best friend :)


You’re the best friend
 that I ever had

I’ve been with you such a long time

You’re my sunshine
 and I want you to know

That my feelings are true
, I really love you

You’re my best friend

I am a big advocate for self care. It is so important for your over all wellbeing and helps you to stay connected with your entire being. I try to do at least one tiny thing every day just for myself and one bigger thing once a week. Last week one of my big things was taking a bath (which you can read all about here) and a realization suddenly struck me.

We’ve been in these bodies since birth. Inside contains every single memory of our existence. Every single thing we’ve ever done, every bump and scrape, every sorry and joy. Our bodies are our souls home base, sanctuary, a place of protection and our soul and body have done everything together. If you really think about it, our bodies are our very first friends and it has been with us on this incredible journey this whole time.

I think that’s really incredible. If you think about our culture now-a-days, everything is so dispensable. You can buy disposable and single-use everything, heck, you can even trade in your car as your mood suits you. We replace and upgrade things that aren’t even broken. Always spending more and more money on newer, better, faster. Yet we’ve had our bodies this whole time. Some of us are young. Some of us are old. Regardless of what length of time, our bodies have always been there for us, but we haven’t always been there for them.

There have been plenty of times that I’ve had too much to eat or went a little overboard on dessert. There have been times that I have had a little too much to drink or stayed up way too late. Sometimes those times are OK too. Maybe you are celebrating a wedding or are waiting up for the delivery of a new family member. Maybe it’s your Grandmother’s 80th birthday or you’re visiting a long-time friend. Whatever the occasion, bending the rules isn’t always a bad thing, but we don’t want to skip out on taking care of ourselves the next day either.

I truly believe that a little self-care can carry you a long way. I love to do little things for myself every day. Take a  longer shower. Take a break in between work for a little hooping session. Make a yummy smoothie. They are all little things, but believe me, they add up! Then once a week I like to do something huge. Maybe one week I will go for a 90 minute massage or another time I might get a pedicure. Sometimes I like to go out to eat and get something really yummy and healthy. The choices are up to you. Whatever brings you joy and soothes your soul and brings you back in touch with this beautiful body that keeps you protected every single day of your life. Your best friend.

I wish you lots of love and light on your journey and may you always see the glimmer of light that guides you home.

♥ xo


I can’t believe what I have been missing!!

Oh delicious warmth. Oh healing, comforting water. I can just feel the muscles and bones and thoughts and feelings in my body relaxing, coming to ease, settling into peace. I am dumbfounded. Why, why, why have I gone so long without this? This is truly the best thing in the world. I knew from that moment I would never go another week without taking at least one bath.


But you’re a grown-up. Grown-up’s don’t take baths. That’s little kid stuff.

My friend, I promise you that 5 SECONDS submerged you will begin to think differently. Let’s looks at some of the wickedly cool things about forgoing the shower for a luxuriously simple bath.

  1. BUBBLES. I don’t care how old you are, bubbles are FUN. You can make a beard with them, you can build a tub fort of bubble walls, you can blow them around the bathroom. The possibilities are truly endless.
  2. You are your own private pool and you can make it whatever temperature you want. I always like to close the shower curtain too. Now, not only do you have your own pool, but now it’s completely private. Go ahead an read a book, meditate, or play with you rubber duckies. Sky’s the limit!!
  3. Prepare to melt those muscles into oblivion. I loooove a hoooot bath. My muscles also love it. The hot water helps the muscles to loosen up and release any built up tension the day might have created. Plus giving those muscles some time to relax means that you are going to relax (and maybe even sleep) better overall.
  4. Add in some aromatherapy. Adding a little essential oil to your bath water takes bathing to a whole new level. Now not only is the hot water relaxing your muscles, but the aromatherapy is relaxing your senses and nerves too. It’s an all over bliss-fest!
  5. Read a book! You can get a couple of chapters in while soaking in the tub. I like to keep a towel handy just incase my hand gets wet and I need to turn the page. If you want to get really fancy, you can also get a tub tray, like this one here.
  6. Zen out. I love to listen to music, especially chanting or meditative music. Pandora has some really great channels like Deepak Chopra or the Spa channel. You can also check out artists like Wah! or Snatam Kaur.
  7. A bath is a great place to do a little more TLC to that awesome body of yours. You can use body scrubs or make your own. I also really love washing my dreads in the bath. I can really soak them and take the time to wash them really well.

There are so so so many things that you can do to make bath time super fun. Play around with it, be creative. Most importantly, taking some time to let yourself rejuvenate and restore itself, is a truly beautiful gift that only you can give yourself.

Surrender and enjoy!!

♥ xo


P.S. Have a ritual or something that you like to incorporate in your bath time? Please feel free to share below!